Fact Sheet: Active Aging

Now that you have decided to retire, how will you make the most of it? You can make the choice to live your life instead of just killing time. Continuing to maintain an active lifestyle as you age unlocks the doors to many opportunities and health benefits.

Research has shown that older adults who remain active during their golden years have less depression, loneliness, and more control over their lives.

When your body is active, your mind is active as well. Like the effect of exercise on the body, your brain is a “use it or lose it” proposition. Make the decision today to stay mentally and physically active.

Paid Employment

Does the thought of going back to work interest you? Working part-time or full-time is a great way to stay productive and earn extra money. You could work in an area that is familiar to you or you can broaden your options into a new area that interests you. Perhaps you wish to open your own business or share a special talent with others? These are also excellent ways to earn extra income. There are resources in your community to assist you with job-placement, resume writing, and information on how to get started in your own business.

Here are some ideas to start your consideration of paid employment:

National businesses that actively seek older adults as paid employees:

Volunteer Work

If you have a few hours a week to spare, volunteering can be the opportunity of a lifetime. Seniors are sought out by organizations seeking volunteers because the assistance that they provide is priceless. Many of the most personally rewarding jobs are volunteer positions. Perhaps a group, organization or church that you already associate with can use your talent and expertise. Call them and see if they need volunteers. Chances are that they do. Local newspapers regularly list volunteer opportunities in the community.

Here are some groups that need volunteers:

Educational Opportunities

Keeping your mind active is also important. Research has shown that if you have a college education you have a better chance of maintaining your health, independence and longevity. Whether you have a degree already, or want to earn one, it is never too late to go back to school. There are a number of programs that provide low or no cost educational benefits to seniors.

Nevada offers FREE college credit tuition to residents 62+ (895-4469 @ UNLV)

Join a Group

Many older adults find that group membership is beneficial to active aging. Networking with people who have common interests can enhance your life and create new and lasting friendships.

Perhaps a topic or activity has always interested you but you didn't have time to pursue it. This is your opportunity to try something new. Groups working towards a common goal to improve the lives of people within their community can provide a lasting legacy. You can choose how involved you want to be within the group. Some groups you can look into:

You have the opportunity to make retirement an enhancement of your life.

This is a perfect time to accomplish goals you've set for yourself. It is also a good time to set new goals. Active aging is essential to maintaining your good health. Whether you start a new career, pursue a lifelong dream or read a book to children at a local school, you can make a positive difference in your life and the lives of others.