The stately Saguaro Cactus does not grow its arms until 70-100 years of age. 

The stately Saguaro Cactus does not grow its signature arms until it is 70-100 years old.

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Introduction to Seniors CAN

More than 37 million Americans are age 65 or over. That number is expected to double in the next 20 years. The Seniors CAN program was developed in Las Vegas, which is now one of the nation's top retirement destinations. More than one-fourth of the two million Clark County residents are in the 55-plus age category. These older adults must be given ways to maintain their independent living status in the community and their quality of life. The Seniors CAN educational program was developed to help fill that need and can be adapted for any locale. Since 2001, more than 200 copies of the program curriculum have been distributed in the United States and British Columbia, Canada.

Seniors can become lifelong learners. A Seniors CAN class An outing to practice healthy shopping.

Seniors CAN Is Nationally Recognized

The Seniors CAN Program is listed on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevension, Health Promotion and Education Database, as well as the USDA Food Stamp Nutrition Connection Database. In addition, several academic articles have been published about the program, including in the LLI Review, Science of Health Promotion, and the Journal of Extension.

In Clark County, Nev., comparisons between pre- and post-test scores for participants who completed the entire 16-week program from 1999 to mid-2008 (N=959) demonstrate that the program significantly decreased loneliness and stress (p<.0001). Mastery and knowledge levels increased significantly (p<.0001).  

Seniors CAN Lessons

The Seniors CAN program includes lessons on:

Other programs
for older adults

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